100 Replies to “Collins reacts to being named to represent Trump in Senate impeachment trial”

  1. Mr Colin’s is an honorable, highly intelligent, well spoken man. He will do America a great service in this historical event.

  2. They’re only under pressure because they’re in states that are turning from purple to blue, thanks to the heavy influx of Californians

  3. Becareful when a woman tries to rule or control the majorities of able men…their will be disregard to the manhood of God authorities given to men by God. ..women have long time,wanted to rule over men…

  4. Thank Heaven for checks and balances but not a GOP that insists on denying and defending their chosen leader who they elected and now settled in. Politics and a groups symbolic and chosen leader reaches into a personal realm of archetypal stance that resembles their collective defense of how a person would defend their own father. For example: My dad may be somewhat irrational but he’s still my dad. It’s them against us and no matter how irrational a “father” (or their leader) may behave we still love him and he’s protecting the family. This is the political atmosphere we’re in, a stage of collective energy post 2008 recession/depression that has now polarized based on survival, sort of speak. “Survival” kicks in a level of Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs that is desperately defending a collective rational cause underneath the warped and crooked surface details and rationale. The rich is surviving while in turn their desperation is trickling down to set off those that feel their desperation based off of their traditional party orientation. Their not going to denounce their father who instilled in them critical partisan points of affiliation tied to familial upbringing and now projected on a political and partisan collective scale. It’s like standing up for their own home and taking it away is not going to happen.

  5. There's always two sides of a story, then there's the truth! Hopefully, there is a trial and everyone that both sides request will testify and then the truth will come out!

  6. Go get em Rep Collins! Just like our Commander in Chief, you've got the Smarts, guts and Moxie to blow the Demonrats away! We all back you 1000%!
    And we'll be there in 2020, for the Man who gets it done! Pres Trump in 2020!

  7. Why nobody is talking about Pelosi's son? He had Ukrainian connection too. All forgot whistle blower completely? Can senate call him to testify, probably if Goddess Pelosi (Devil?) allows him or does he ever existed?. American taxpayers are getting more than what they bargained for. One lady acted as investigator, instigator, attorney for prosecution, judge, executioner, almost like Devil in disguise.

  8. Doug Collins found that being an extremely dishonest Trump sycophant finally payed off for him. I wonder if he will complain about the extra days he has to work again this time.

  9. This will be a great opportunity for the Right to level the Left on MSM no less.
    It will be as good as Election Night. All Snowflakes KO’d

  10. The president just yesterday shared a link in a tweet naming the whistleblower which is a federal crime. Republicans will deny it's a crime.

  11. To you 562 thumbs down get real justice was a witch hunt Pelosi wants the Senate to have rules but Congress can make the rules as they go. Let's get the Biden's to court they're the real crooks.

  12. Nancy knows where the bodies are buried, and her fear is unless she can change the senates status quo, she and her minion's are going down.

  13. Sad what has the Republican party is become. Collins speaks about hypocrisy??? I can't believe he thinks is ok for a potus to think he's above the law and can investigate a political rival. When we all know that's the government branch's job. DESPICABLE

  14. LIFETIME PENSIONS should be VOTED on by the PEOPLE! They should have the same retirement as they propose for the people of the United States. SOCIAL SECURITY! Then maybe they would fix it!

  15. After Trump gets.aquitted by the Senate I ask for a lawyer to help us Americans sue Pelosi Shitff Schumer Noodler for wasting our hard earned tax dollars!!!

  16. Hip Hip Hip, Hooray Hooray. I think Doug Collins should be the next President in2025. OH BOY, I would like to see that, The Dems think they have problems with Donald Trump? They would run like Hell if Doug Collins become the next President. This man is too good I just love him.

  17. There are a few elements in this entire debacle at play that I've not heard addressed yet.
    1) Pelosi, the FIRST FEMALE SPEAKER OF THE HOUSE, has SO ABUSED OUR CONSTITUTION, that I am ashamed as a female that this woman has manipulated our system to benefit solely herself in attempting a Coup boldly out in the open (just as "Rules For Radicals, their bible proclaims) as if she were going about the country's normal business whereby the truly uninformed, for lack of TRUE KNOWLEDGE, actually buy what she's presenting solely because they align with the Party, truth be damned.
    2) People are failing to acknowledge that they also tied VP Pence into the same made up accusations in their kangaroo court whereby, in turn, they would move for "Impeachment" by means of said unconstitutional kangaroo court to remove him immediately should they succeed and get the President to say "the hell with this BS! That, although there would be a TRUE "Constitutional CRISIS" as to whether she, or the Secretary of State would step into the Presidency, fully unelected as that's been a Constitutional clarification never resolved!
    I truly believe, that in her own diminished mental capacities, that SOMEONE in her Party, is pushing her in order to align themselves as her VP, and then PUSH HER OUT due to her diminished mental state, and take the reins themselves, be it Shitty, Frog man, or Shoe man.
    And finally, and a VERY IMPORTANT POINT:
    3) Has no one else noticed that all accusations against the President are because he is reversing Obama's "policies" that those in the positions that deal with these issues are against the President because he's not "adhering to policy" established by Obama.
    WHEN, in the History of this Nation has there EVER BEEN such beliefs that literally creates a Coup d' stay against an elected President because he man they seem to consider worthy to have forevermore set out Nation's policies in stone, when in fact, the CONSTITUTIONAL AUTHORITY is given to all DULY ELECTED PRESIDENTS to make foreign policy?!!! That being the fact that every Obama appointee seems to adhere to, should be reason for the President to take issue of TREASON AGAINST THOSE "EMPLOYEES" and IMMEDIATELY REMOVE EVERY DINGLE OBAMA APPOINTEE!

  18. This makes no sense to me, the president of Ukraine has come out on at least three occasions and said that there was no quid pro quo and he was not pressured into fulfilling any request from Trump, he even said that he didn't know that aide was being withheld. That should have been the end of this whole Fiascal.

  19. Someone please answer this? Why wouldn't you want Mulvaney, Pompeo, Bolton and others to testify? They have first hand knowledge and it would prove his innocence. Why didn't Trump ask the FBI or DOJ to investigate Biden instead of a private citizen. Yes, I know the President can appoint whomever he wants, but he had two years to do this. Is it ok for a sitting President to enlist the assistance of a foreign government to investigate a domestic political opponent? IF the call was perfect, release the entire transcript instead of a summary. Can I get an intelligent answer and remember, Obama is no longer President, so none of this is his fault. Thanks in advance.

  20. Why you idiots think it's a Democrat versus Republican situation….its an American situation that we will be decided what kind of USA we can all live with in the future…this is only the beginning and Trump and his gang will be living in Russia or Saudi Arabia while we will be at war with one another in the chaos he's created and revealed that was already here…..good luck EVERYBODY!!!

  21. Actually this track to get rid of Trump
    began on a longer path. 1. Trump is for make America great again. 2.
    That is against and interfering with the UN Globalist which the
    Socialist Democrats and their H. Clinton are in league with. So the
    prime upfront reason to get Trump out with his "Make America
    Great Again" was against the Globalist and so they needed to get
    rid of Trump. This prime purpose of this impeachment inquiry was
    formulated to do that. Trump is obstructing their Globalist movement
    and that is the ball game of it all.

  22. The sad part of all of this is that half the people in this country are so painfully ignorant as to actually believe this broken down old woman Pelosi and her haterid or our nation.

  23. Pretty sure that house or Senate members shouldn't be representing the accused. That shows you don't are not upholding the oath you took.

  24. Make sure McConnell subpoenas Adam Schitt. Schitt needs to testify, along with Joe Biden and his son Hunter .. They all 3 of them need to testify. No Ands, Ifs or Buts

  25. The INSIDER deep state establishment traitors are fighting desperately to keep their corruption & treason against 'America & Americans hidden, but too much has been exposed & Speaker Pelosi has much to hide, including that she signed the DNC letter sent out saying Barack Hussein Obama had been vetted & was eligible. Anyone seen any legal documentation that he is an American citizen by naturalization, because he darn sure isn't a natural born one, because that requires both parents be American citizens at the birth of the candidate & apparently he was adopted by his indonesian stepfather, which would dhave canceled any citizenship through Stanley Ann Dunham! They are not fighting the OUTSIDER because they hate him, but because they are in fear of being held accountable. This is also why they are attacking HONORABLE Wm. Barr & Investigator Durham. The closer they get to the truth, the more scared of Hillary's gallows all the deep state establishment traitors get. Judging from the looks of how Mueller looked when Rosenstein was hiring the King of the Frame Ups & his appearance when the HOUSE insisted he testfy publicly, I would say the evidence against the deep state establishment must be very strong against all of them since it seems to have driven him out of his mind. IMO, he & Rosenstein worked more to block the congressonal committee investigating corruption, fishing expeditions & keep up with what evidence the committee was gathering were against them, more than anything else since they already knew there was no collusion before Mueller ws hired.
    James Coey admitting that he gave a friend false information to leak in hopes of getting a special counsel to investigate Trump falls uner a treasonous act & he is the one that plotted it!

  26. Doug Collins, Jordon, Gaetz, all the Republicans that blew the Democrats away would be fantastic attorneys for the President.

  27. Make them accountable for wasting our money!
    They have come up with nothing!
    Make they pay for wasting time money and our for lack of work getting done! Take back their salaries

  28. There should not be any impeachment. Trump has done nothing wrong at all. As Shakespeare would say, "It's much ado about nothing."

  29. He would have a great deal more credibility if he, and all of the GOP, stopped calling everyone else they are opposed to, schoolyard names. I had hoped Collins would have been more articulate and 'learned', more scholarly and erudite. If they only did that they would come across as a lot more plausible. Perhaps, testimony of the witnesses who had first-hand knowledge and were in the room will bear out his labelling of the impeachment trial as a 'sham'. Wherever the truth lies is what the long lens of history will see and record for all time. The labels and schoolyard 'names' will be flushed away and forgotten by history. The arguments and facts will be remembered.

    REPUBLICANS ??????

  31. ANY demtard going after PRESIDENT TRUMP are doing it because they themselves are corrupt, guilty of extortion, money laundering, child slavery, drug running and abduction!!!!! Follow the money….they are so stupid they think if TRUMP goes, so does all their problems!!!!! FOOLS!!!!!

  32. If you want to know who is being arrested….look up KIP SIMPSON here on Utube. He reports on all the corruption in the USA!!!! The democraps are going down, starting with the bottom feeders first…it's amazing and MSM refuse to tell about them!!! Check it out !!!!

  33. Pelosi should be impeached. She's a criminal and so is her family. Her son and Bidins son are both money laundering in Ukraine. You don't become multi millionaires by working in public service.

  34. The Story Of Impeachment in America: Circa 2019-2020…
    Adam Schiff: We CAN’T wait for the election-we MUST IMPEACH!
    Nancy Pelosi: I’m not handing over the articles til I get my way in the Senate (that I’m not a part of…)
    Schumer: I want witnesses! (The ones WE’LL have to wait for bc the house refused to-bc this can’t wait for Americans to decide-prolonging this ANYWAY til the election.
    America: Seriously???????‍♀️????‍♀️

  35. no one witness is schiff no 2 is biden no3 is his corrupt biden son earnings 150 million explain that plus 4 is pelosi 5 nadler no 6 the whistleblower then brennan and obama get the popcorn

  36. Corruption in the Trump house will continue, and succeed in making this country another communist country like North Korea. No wonder Trump and Kim Jong-un are in love with each other. Trump idolizes dictators like Kim Jong-un, and Vladimir Putin.

  37. Collins, Jordan, Trump, Fox…..all a disgrace for this country. It amazes me how this scumball of a president has somehow mesmerized this country and these loser republicans follow him. He has RUINED this country. We are a laughing stock all over this planet…

  38. Quid Pro Pelosi – Cant we start impeachment on a speaker of the house or house member for abuse of power? She is clearly trying to force a quid pro quo.

  39. Collins, you are wrong. You don't want to seek the Truth. You are the partisan issue. There is several charges and more misconduct than any other President in history. To many things in question about contacts and communications with people that are not in good standing. If you are going to run for U.S. president I would think that you would want people that are in good standing and not fire people just because they my have a different point of view. Not to mention that some were asked to commit crimes like helping an individual that was violating sanctions with Iran that was a Turkish citizen and the Turkish President seems to want to violate his obligation with NATO. The whole lot of issues that Trump has been problematic about lead to one conclusion> Helping a communist state and violating allies. The world is what it is and Putin wants his way on some issues that the U.S. cannot condone. So Trump supporting policies that have never been condoned by the U.S. in the past is frankly extremely questionable. Collins, as you suggest that Trump has helped the Economy, I would put it to you that he has damaged the economy in the long term that of course will show on a democrats watch. You are not thinking of the country, just your person held belief that is in you're mind. Leadership that well not accept the truth is not leadership, but an individual that wants reality to comply with his or her wanting needy ways. Go fuk yourself collins and fuk Trump too.

  40. Honestly…subtitles are needed under Collins speeches…I imagine he knows what makes him looney tunes but Georgia clodhopper is incoherent to rational people…even crazy Dimbulb sounds articulate next to this man…?…a character from a sci fi film!

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