6 Replies to “Cicilline Remarks in Judiciary Markup of Impeachment Articles”

  1. You are right. ENOUGH! Resign and hand the torch to someone who can handle the job. You are not capable of representing a clam shell dug up by a K-9. Your unable to represent the president without a personal conflict that has been repeatedly proven detrimental to your seat. So what? You going to be a negative asshole for another 5 years? Just resign. Go play away from that which you inescapably are incompetent to handle to someone else. Your just not trustable anymore. There is no hope left to continue attacking an innocent man. It just makes you look bad.

  2. Democrats have wasted countless hours of taxpayer time and spent ten of millions of dollars to carry out a political attack against the president.

  3. David SISSYline (Cicilline) is a DIM WITTED, SOY BOY PUNK for the left who bends over n takes from his globalist Masta's cause he is a SLAVE BOY for the left. MAGA Trump 2020. We are going to KEEP kicking your a– David

  4. I sure that you must be talking about a SECRET CONSTITUTION because to my understanding
    WE ARE A CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC. George Washington said that he gave us a "CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC IF WE COULD KEEP IT." The DEMOCRACY that you are talking about and that has been sold to us as something great that we need, yet has being proven DETRIMENTAL to WE THE PEOPLE all through out history. Could it be that the ORGANIC CONSTITUTION that was supposed to go into effect on March 4, 1789 was never really put into effect and Congress knows it and have been coerced into hidding it? Anything is possible, in my mind, because remember MONEY TALKS AND HAS THE LAST WORD. Do you remember that one of the owners that have the CONTROL OF THE MONEY SUPPLY OF THIS COUNTRY and most of the world said,
    Now, that's a powerful statement to make, isn't it.

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