100 Replies to “Chris Hayes: Trump Warned Us About Who He Was | All In | MSNBC”

  1. Democrats hate Trump so bad, they are happy to impeach him for no crimes at all. This MSNBC fake news parrot lies to his audience for not telling them is that the United States has a treaty with Ukraine to investigate crimes and corruption involving American citizens. President Trump did not invite a foreign nation to interfere in America's elections; he asked Ukraine to investigate Hillary who invited Russia to interfere in the 2016 election.

  2. In reference to Trump's "snake story"… What was Trump trying to say? Was he comparing himself to the snake???
    Freud could have a field day with this one!

  3. What Trump done here USA I'm sure he going to get paid by other countries when he's done that's just my opinion to strange for a president!

  4. And everything Trump said ( IF) Obama. Lol. Always Obama. Lol. Trump get over it. It's you who is IMPEACHED with the shame and embarrassment. Lol

  5. Quite true! Those who voted for him voted for an avowed lecher, an adulterer and a grabber of women's genitals. They saw him mock a disabled person, they knew he was a serial bankrupt whose incompetence and dishonesty had ruined the lives of many not once but several times without any conscience or attempt to make reparation.

  6. How did you not know who Donald trump was when he was running for office? You’re a moron if you thought he would be any different than he is, and shame on MSNBC for never taking him seriously when he was running and crying foul 4 years later without addressing the underlying issues that got him elected in the first place


  8. The Many Scandals of
    Donald Trump: A Cheat Sheet

  9. Trump will go down in history as a racist, a murderer, a traitor and a sexual assaulter. Those supporting him are complicit in his crimes.

  10. I don't know what the origin of the "you knew I was a snake" story, but it's been around for a long, long time. I don't think it ever was a song lyric. If I find out the origin and I remember, I'll edit back in here. Maybe someone else knows the origin. EDIT: It was originally an Aesop fable then later it was a song.

  11. There has been nothing in American history that compares to the coup attack against President Trump. It has been nothing but

    a wild abuse of the Constitution. Frankly, the word impeachment should be replaced with the word coup, because the president

    was illicitly targeted for removal from office for doing his job in asking questions about Ukraine corruption and ties to Joe Biden,

    his son Hunter Biden and Burisma.

    To be clear, the president was also attacked for objecting to the House Democrats’ abuse of his office. – "Judicial Watch"

  12. The Many Scandals of
    Donald Trump: A Cheat Sheet https://www.theatlantic.com/politics/archive/2017/01/donald-trump-scandals/474726/

  13. Brought to you by Congress, and now added to the other " no going back" categories: a little bit pregnant, divorce final decree, etc etc lol. Noone denied Trump his day in court. He refused to go! Do you honestly think Trump will show up to the Senate trial?

  14. He's always been a grifter and a conman. It's never been a secret. He's always been this way. What's amazing is that people thought he'd make a good president and work for the people hahahahaha.

  15. Can we impeach whichever Trump stooge gets power after Trump gets Impeached — repeatedly until only justice democrats are left??

  16. They invited Trump to speak to the House IMpeachment committee, but he refused to cooperate and he ordered everyone else not to cooperate also. Then he complained that he "wasn't allowed" to face his accusesrs. He is such a liar.

  17. trump spouting off about how Obama would have felt should he ever have been impeached back in the day.  trump's exact words at that time (in 2014) were as follows.
    "He would be a mess."
    "He would be thinking about nothing but."
    "It would be a horror show for him."
    "It would be an absolute embarrassment"
    "It would go down on his record permanently."
    So … it follows that trump is now feeling EXACTLY all of that himself.
    And it could not happen to a more HATEFUL/CORRUPT person. ???????

  18. He circumvented rules all the time prior to being president.
    He discriminated against Black people
    He ridiculed handicap people
    He disrespected veterans
    He thinks sexually assaulting women entertaining
    This is who he's always been and no one seemed to care

  19. Your the president of Ukraine you are dammed if you do and dated if you don’t. This is the catch 22 situation President Zelensky was put in by Trump. So out would go the anti corruption Ukrainian government, that people had been murdered on the streets by snipers to get! And the stealing of oil and gas rich caucuses oil fields in the Crimea. And Trump wanted to use them to keep the nation corrupt for his own political deeds. No investigation no aid. Investigation started still no aid, due to your admission you attacked the United States Elections! And my reason for holding aid was then right.

    That alone is a quid pro quo broken down, which is so easy to read that no one put this across from Democrats. Why not?

    There you have it in simple terms people the Ukraine governments survival hangs on this aid, getting to their troops to survive against Russian aggression. President Zelensky cannot win without this help and Trump knows it. That is why he asked “I want you to do us a favour though”

    “You don’t bite the hand that feeds you”

    No truer words spoken?

  20. Well said Chris Hayes, true words. I feel sorry for the Republicans who watch the twisted Faux News and do not know the truth. I still try to talk to Republicans rather than belittle them, they need to have there eyes opened & not just told they are deplorables.

  21. MSNBC is doing you guys all a disfavor by not speaking the truth, Donald Trump is NOT Impeached until it goes to the senate for a trial and if hes found NOT GUILTY hes not IMPEACHED LOL. The laugh is on you by the way, were over 50 million for this ridiculous impeachment trial l Thank you democrats that's money well spent.???????????

  22. Obama was an honest president , which trump is not ! Trump is backballing every other president beside himself. He is a snake and slithers around like he is the king of the jungle ! Impeach and remove this wannabe dotard , as he will do further damage to this country !

  23. I'd argue that many of those Americans who voted for him were blinded by his role as a network celebrity on The Apprentice and thereby overlooked his nature as an unscrupulous, narcissistic con artist, if they were even aware of his history prior to the show.

  24. That snake story is in Natural Born Killers too. I'd rather hear it from the Native American in that movie than outta Trump's mouth.

  25. Trump is a trader to this country. Hes a sleeper cell that was activated the day he set foot in the white house.
    Out of all our biggest mistakes. The most dangerous one we Americans made was Putting Trump in the white house.

  26. With all of this evidence and obstruction, why can't Trump be impeached, what is really going on? Any other president would have been gone by now.

  27. IT Operator: How can i help you?
    Hospital Emergency: We have a computer problem, can you come and help fix it?
    IT Operator: Id like you to do me a favor though. I need you to pull me the medical file of someone i know.

    FIRED !!!

  28. I just read an article on Google and apparently some new evidence has come up that could very well impeach Donald j Trump for a second time. So far I'm concerned Mitch McConnell and the whole Republican party better start getting their act together and start upholding the Constitution of the United States of America. And quit dicking around with Donald j Trump.

  29. Also he didn't do it ,msnbc is lying they didn't say he did the said they thought he did there is no witnesses,,msnbc is lying

  30. The own world of Donald Trump in 2014 about impeachment that it stays on the President's record permannantly. Donald Trump has been impeached and in his own worlds it is in his record permannantly. Mr. President please get over it. https://youtu.be/7w14FSHHef0?t=175

  31. I do think if he would get more than 3 hours nightly. As well as eat something else than veggiless fast food. He might be a better person. Lack of sleep causes ones brain to not function properly. Which leads to temporarily insanely.

  32. trump the liar in chief is America's very own real life Littlefinger. Just like Littlefinger he warned us what he was. trump has proven to be as disloyal , untrustworthy as Littlefinger, just a lot worse at spinning lies

  33. does it matter when a Democrat dodges the draft Clinton and Biden or does it only matter if it a Republican even if a military dr said he had bone spurs

  34. Chris, I think you mean Hillary warned us. However, you're such a Bernie bro, you refused to cover her in a positive light (your bias still shows). I refuse to watch you and Joe Scarborough.

  35. Thanks .wow.I didn't know what it Was all about it sounds like good news.yikes.what he said about obama.the whole thing was terrible.


  37. What is sad is what ever we think of Trump his followers are worst because they are allowing hi to get away with all his betrayal to “We The People”.

  38. He may as well have GUILTY tattooed in his forehead but he won’t be convicted we need to face this as a people and a nation it’s a sad a set of circumstances for those who do not support him he and his minions should be ashamed but we all know they aren’t .

  39. No Chris's he tried to get them to LIE about instigating a criminal investigation!!!

    Why are the news agencies reporting on this leaving that extremely important detail out?

  40. Lindsey Graham you're a Trump sucker. You seemed to have respect before but you dug your own mud in support for Trump no matter how much crimes he committed.

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