[CC] 황후의 품격, The Last Empress, EP23 (1/3)

Brother… Dong Shik. Do you know this boy? I heard he was our enemy
Na Wang Shik’s brother. I desperately hoped it wasn’t true. Was it… really you? That’s right. I’m the son of Baek Do Hee,
whom you killed. I’m Na Wang Shik. You murderer. Hyuk. Die! Why didn’t you kill me
all this time? I’m sure you had
more than enough time. I couldn’t just kill you… because the whole world had to… see that hideous side of you
you have been hiding. They had to know who you were… and what kind of place this is. It was your mom
who jumped in front of my car. I am innocent. Shut your mouth! After running my mom over
with your car wasn’t enough, you discarded my mom’s body
in that cold street. And another car ran over her again! How dare you tell me
you’re innocent? If you had taken her
to the hospital, my mom could have lived. My mom’s organs ruptured, and her flesh was torn open
when she died. Because of a mere woman,
you’re going to kill the Emperor? – Just because a woman died?
– What did you say, you scumbag? Kill that scumbag. What are you doing? Did you side… with Na Wang Shik? Those darned guards. – You traitors!
– We wait for your order. We have been counting
the days for today. We’re ready to take Lee Hyuk’s life. How dare my guards at my palace… plot an uprising? Na Wang Shik.
Did you call them here? No. I didn’t call for them.
You did, you moron. People like me
whom you, the Empress Dowager, and this rotting Imperial Family
have been killing… and trampling upon
are here to get you now. Because of you,
their families had died. Because of you,
their families were ruined. They lost their entire lives. You used people like Ma Pil Joo… and left incurable wounds
on these people. Just like the bullet in my head. Did you know that? We don’t need to drag this out. We’ll kill that jerk tonight. We will… end all of this. When I first came to the palace, my goal was taking your life, but it changed now. I’m going to take down
this crazy Imperial Family. Dong Shik! How dare you make a threat
against the Imperial Family? How dare you, Na Wang Shik? If you want this boy to live,
drop your gun right now. – No, Chief!
– Chief! You must drop your gun
to save this boy. No! If you lay a finger on that boy, I’m going to blow up
the whole palace. Just take me with you.
Let go of my people. Then I’ll lower my gun. You want me to release the guards
who were going to kill the Emperor? Release these traitors? Then should all of us die here? We have nothing to lose anyway. The choice is yours. Move back. What are you doing? Lower your guns,
and leave with the boy. I don’t want to. I cannot. We’ll die fighting here. You are all innocent. Don’t throw away
your lives that rashly. Hurry. Get out of here now!
What are you doing? Wang Shik! Wang Shik! Those rats deserve death! What are you doing?
Get those scumbags. Get them right now! I told you not to go after them. Aren’t I enough for you? If that’s your wish, sure. Goodbye. Na Wang Shik. Stop it. My Empress. You’re such a coward
to go after an unarmed man. How many more times
are you going to kill this man? You killed an innocent woman
with your car, abandoned her body, and are trying
to kill that woman’s son. Do you have the right to do that? Is having a bullet in his head
not enough for you? You knew everything? You knew he was Na Wang Shik? After knowing everything, did you two deceive me? How could you do this to me? How could you? What’s going on… between you two? Shoot me if you want to. Na Wang Shik. I’ll kill you myself. Take him! – Your Majesty.
– Wait. – Where are you taking him to?
– That’s enough, Sunny. Stop it, unless you want to see him
die before your eyes. Take her too. Make sure
she doesn’t leave her chamber. Let go! Why did you have to be born my son
and go through something like this? You never should’ve been born. You should’ve died with me
back then. Please go, Chief Chun. – What?
– It’s to repay you… for treating us like human beings
all this time. Please do not return.
Go far, far away. Hyuk will kill you all. I can’t do that. There isn’t time. You must leave. No. I won’t let you die because of me. I’ll finish this. What do you mean, Na Wang Shik is missing? What about the guards that took him? They are all missing. Are you saying
they went over to his side? Call the special guards. I’ll go myself. Call only the top guards. Those who are ready to die. Yes, Your Majesty. Na Wang Shik, is that you? Are you here? Get out here! Let me out! Are you defying the Empress’ order? Open this door at once! Open it! Sunny. You audacious brat! How dare you try to destroy
my precious Imperial Family? There’s nothing left to destroy. It’s already rotten to the core.
It’s the absolute worst! You deceived and mocked us. How dare you raise your voice at me? You’ve been working with
Byun Baek Ho… and almost killed
my innocent son Yoon. It was you, wasn’t it? You know better than anyone else… who attacked Crown Prince Yoon! That’s why you covered for her. We’ll find out soon enough
what deal… the two of you made. What? Is this what the Imperial Family is? You value human lives
as if it were a fly’s. You’re despicable! When I married into
the Imperial Family, I thought I had hit the jackpot. I didn’t know it was a filthy sewer. I loathe you. You make me sick. How many sins are you committing
and hiding? – Get your act together!
– How dare you keep talking? You schemed with Na Wang Shik… and stabbed the Emperor in the back,
you lowlife… Don’t touch me. I’m not someone you can dare touch. You? Give me a break.
You’re nothing. Words don’t work on you, does it? Oh my gosh. Your Highness. I chose you for one reason
and one reason only. Because you were easy to use and
discard. Because you’re nothing. Get out of my palace at once! Now! Do you think I’m here
because I want to be? I don’t want to even breathe
the same air as you. But I’ll leave after I catch… Grandmother’s killer, the culprit… who poisoned my food. So go and tell
that great son of yours… that there’s no need
to lock me in here. That I won’t go anywhere
even if he drags me out. Give me a break. I won’t even break a sweat… stomping on an insect like you. Go ahead! Try me. Every time I get up, I will reveal one more
of your crimes. What are you waiting for? Leave. Get out! Why you… Out of my way! Where does Sunny get the nerve? She must really be psychotic. Your Highness! We’re in trouble. They say
the Emperor is missing. What do you mean? Did he go after Na Wang Shik? Track his location right now! Yes, Your Highness. You need to experience
exactly what my mom did. See how that feels. You coward.
Why are you running away? Stop it. Do you really plan to kill me? Do I look like I’m playing? I fantasized killing you
every single day. Then why didn’t you just kill me? You couldn’t kill me anyway. I’m sick of it too. How long will you torment me? Will doing this to me
bring your dead mom back? You piece of trash. Don’t call me “Your Majesty.”
You’re my little brother now. You won’t betray me, right? I’ve already given my life to you,
Your Majesty. It isn’t over yet. Remember this place? You told me to kill the Empress. If you deny your guilt,
does that settle it? Remember every single person… you killed like that. Got that? What’s the big deal
about people who are dead already? Why are you risking your life? You really are a monster. Fine. See what it feels to lose
everything you love… one by one. You are innocent? Then do your best to stay alive. Just like I did. You still haven’t reached
the Emperor? What is that witch, Sunny, doing? She’s not doing anything for now. What on earth is going on now? Did Na Wang Shik… already finish the Emperor? If the throne is empty… Bring me Seo Kang Hee. Rumor has it that Chief Chun
tried to kill the Emperor. What happened? That’s none of your business. More importantly, I’m going to stop
by the Imperial Auditors’ office… and get Princess Ari to
become the Crown Princess today. Are you sure, Your Highness? Thank you. Thank you so much. We’re in this together now. If you’re harboring ill feelings,
get rid of them now. If you don’t,
your daughter, Princess Ari, will be the first one to die. I will keep that in mind. I will live my life to serve you
to the day I die.

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