We are way past this…The Liberals knew that China was interfering and failed to act.

I read an article today written by the Globe and Mail Newspaper. The article stated that if the government failed to act on Chinese interference then an election should be called.

I think all those who are informed can agree that we are well past this bar. Even Trudeau admits to Chinese interference and we can see that little to nothing was ever done to stop it. What we need to ask is how much the Liberal Government knew (which seems to be substantial and why did they act. They clearly were getting financial assistance and even allowed specific candidates to run even after they were warned by CSIS not to do so.

There were reports of Chinese police stations being set up on Canadian soil, that China sent agents into Chinese Canadian communities and on to Canadian University Campuses to wage a campaign of intimidation. These are serious charges and allowing this goes against everything that Canada stands for.

McMaster University along with other Universities logged complaints with the RCMP and eventually was forced to decertify its Chinese Student Organization due to continuing intimidation.

The interference in the Canadian political scene has been far reaching and Canadians need to ask just how compromised their government is? Trudeau knowingly took assistance from China and gambled that he’d never be found out as the Canadian Security Services would never speak out. This is where he was wrong. Loyal Canadians and others finally had their fill of his turning a blind eye while reaping the benefits of his treacherous behavior. This has gone for years. We need to find out if Trudeau himself received money or other direct assistance.

One thing no one has bothered to investigate is did China give the Liberal information about opposition parties that they could use to formulate strategy or use in their campaign against these parties? Did Chinese not only plant agents on Liberal Campaigns to help targeted candidates but did they plant agents on Conservative Campaigns to help defeat targeted candidates.

Canadians need to rally and let the Liberal know that they are outraged. Never has such far reaching interference in Canada’s affairs ever occurred. This whole situation has compromised Canada’s democracy, security and standing in the world.

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