Liberal White Wash

I have seen and read a lot of coverage of the Canadian Election scandal this past week. I keep hearing again and again how the final outcomes of the affected elections were not compromised. It’s just not the final outcome of the election that should be the bar in judging the election interference scandal that is currently ongoing in Canada. But to listen to the Liberals and their mouth piece the CBC you would think so. I watched David Cochrane on CBC with his chosen panel of analysts night after night white washing this scandal. If this scandal isn’t the big deal that as the Liberals are trying to portray, why are the Liberals filibustering and not allowing Trudeau’s chief of staff to testify in front a parliamentary committee that is investigating?

What bothers me here is all of the transgressions that China committed that are being swept under the carpet. I see little in the way of media coverage that mentions how China sent agents into the Chinese community to intimidate Canadian Chinese. I have yet to see a single media interview with any Chinese Canadian from the affected communities. Yet we know that this intimidation has been going on for years, and has been falling on deaf ears. I know that complaints were filed in British Columbia with the RCMP. Shouldn’t these be investigated now that we know more of the extent of the problem? McMaster University along with other schools filed complaints with the RCMP about Chinese agents harassing students. I have yet to see a Canadian media report on this as well. Why is the Canadian media so passive? Except for Global News, the Globe and Mail and the Toronto Sun, I have yet to see much in the way of hard hitting reporting.

This wasn’t just about trying to manipulate an election. It was about trying to gain access to confidential Canadian Government information. Justin Trudeau by allowing Chinese agents such Han Dong to run for the Liberal party, and then sit in Government Caucus gave Mr. Dong a freehand to access information and to manipulate Canadian Civil Servants and other members of the House. This is beyond disturbing especially when Trudeau was warned about this by CSIS. The questions that need to be asked and that I haven’t heard CBC ask is: Just how far has China infiltrated the Canadian Government?

I have yet to hear Trudeau offer up an apology to any MPs who lost their seats due to Chinese meddling. What about the laws that were broken with campaign finance fraud. I have yet to see Canadian reporters following the money and confronting those how broke the law, much less see the RCMP laying charges.

Why haven’t Chinese Embassy personnel, and diplomats been asked to leave or at least been asked to appear before the Minister of Foreign Affairs for a dressing down.

My point here is that we need to find out a lot more about what happened. We need to find out who was involved. We need to take action against those who were involved and we most definitely need to shrink the foot print of the Chinese Government in Canada. If that means shrinking their Embassy staff and closing their Consulates so be it.

Another thing we need to look at is the effect on Liberal Government policy. Why did Trudeau drag his feet for years in dealing with Huawei’s deploying telecommunications equipment in Canada. All the rest of the 5 eyes closed down Huawei years before Trudeau finally acted. There are many more examples of unusual actions by the Trudeau Liberals. Why isn’t the press investigating any of this? What are Canadians so passive? They should be howling for Trudeau’s head! I just don’t get it. I actually read posts by Canadians criticizing Conservative Leader Poilievre’s questions and statements concerning this whole affair as being too harsh, and negative. I am astounded by this. In my opinion it is the duty of every Canadian to speak up and defend Canadian democracy. Poilievre’s job is to be a critic and to question what the government is doing. Then we get to Jagmeet Singh the leader of the NDP who is in partnership with the Liberals. If there ever was a time for someone to make a moral stand it is now. All we get is a semi placid shoulder shrugs from him.

Let me be clear this is not a political issue. The Liberals have tried to make it appear that the Conservatives have made this political while the Liberals are in fact the party that is stonewalled and manipulated the situation. In my opinion the Liberals have put their party before this country and allowed this whole situation to occur. The CBC and other press have stated that collusion did not occur. But didn’t it? The Prime Minister was warned about Han Dong being a Chinese agents but allowed him to run anyway? That is not a mistake, and certainly borders on collusion. How far did Chinese influence go, how much was the Chinese government helped? The Trudeau foundation received money, did Trudeau? Hopefully Canada’s press can step up and find the truth. Meanwhile we have a real Manchurian Candidate running Canada.

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