2 wrongs don’t make a right!

I have been amazed at how many Canadians tell me how they believe that Justin Trudeau’s behavior towards China should be excused because Harper also negotiated with China.

Harper’s time on the Canadian stage is long past, so move on is my retort. Trudeau and the Liberals are the problem and they need to go as well.

CSIS and other intelligence agencies became so fed up with Trudeau’s inaction and duplicitous behavior that they decided to leak this information. One had to wonder just how far China has infiltrated Canada’s Government?

Liberal MP Han Dong and Ontario Conservative MPP Kevin Ke have both been tagged by CSIS as being Chinese agents.

Ke now sits as an independent after being forced to leave the Ontario Conservative Party Caucus.

Trudeau was warned by CSIS not to allow Dong to run, not only did Trudeau allow Dong to run, but he has been allowed to sit in Caucus and is privy to all Canadian government business. When questioned about this Trudeau chose to bully the reported who asked, and accused her of racism.

Using racsim as foil to stonewall Canada’s press is a shameful and destructive tactic. Canada’s leadership should be trying to mitigate racial issues, not inflame them.

Many people are criticizing the Conservatives for their attacking the Liberals on this whole China Fiasco. I am perplexed by this. Isn’t it the job of the opposition to question, criticize and suggest solutions? The Conservative are calling for a public inquiry, meanwhile Trudeau is attempting to circumvent the process and name a “Rapporteur” What ever that is? Who’s duties are undefined and whom is likely to be a Trudeau lackey.

In my opinion this is the most serious political story in Canadian history. As I have mentioned in other posts the CBC’s reporting has been soft and has a strong Liberal Party “slant”. I have heard little in the way of reporting on Chinese money funneled to Liberal candidates, the intimidation for Canadian Chinese, the fact that Chines officials even went on to Canadian University Campuses to intimidate Chinese students. I would think that the Liberal Government would offer protection to residents of Canada and not ignore the situation. The Chinese Consulate General even openly bragged about defeating Conservative Candidates and the Trudeau Government still did nothing.

My next issue, is with Canadians and their need to deflect. I cannot tell you how many time when discussing this and other issues with Canadians I here the regular comment “well the US is worse, or look and the Americans. 2 wrongs do not make a right! Yes, the Americans have many problems, and yes in many cases they are worse than Canada’s. BUT just because the US has issues does not excuse Canada’s behavior or handling of these issues. In many cases the issues in the US have little or nothing to do with Canada, so I wish Canadians would stop this. Yes, Russia interfered in US elections, but in comparison, China’s efforts to interfere in Canada go much farther and are much much more harmful.

I still am amazed that when I read articles and look at the comment section that people are still defending Trudeau? I frankly think that the whole upper echelon of the Liberal Party were in on it and knew about it, and either actively participated and did nothing to stop it.

So to those of you who defend the Liberals, I say shame on you. All Canadians should be screaming for a transparent investigation and for the heads of the Liberal Party. I believe it is the duty of ALL Canadians to defend Canada and our democracy. The Liberals behavior of actively accepting Chinese help, and passively turning a blind eye while China had its way with Canada, is tantamount to Treason and I believe that Canadians need to treat what happened here in that light. Stop being dismissive and thinking light of what happened. People got hurt, careers in some cases were destroyed, and all I see from the Liberals is a cavalier attitude. Lets hold these guys accountable!

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