Trudeau Liberals want to increase Canada’s annual immigration to 500K annually. Is this a good thing?

The Liberals have decided to increase Canada’s immigration rate with the proposed goal of achieving 100 million Canadians by 2100. They state that the purpose is for a number of reasons. First to provide younger immigrants to offset Canada’s aging population. Second to give Canada enough heft internationally to give it more influence on the international stage. Third to bring in more skilled immigrants to help fill job vacancies.

I do support immigration and believe that Canada does need immigrants but 500K per year is a huge boost. The current Liberal Government is not putting in place any policies that would prepare Canada for this deluge of people. Canada has a housing crisis and shortage. Shouldn’t the government do something to ease this problem? What about the healthcare crisis with lack of access? What about the environment?

Trudeau is always talking about Canada having a smaller carbon footprint? More people equals more pollution, there is no way around that. Do we want the Greater Toronto Area to have 35-40 million people? Vancouver to have 11 million or more. Everyone talks about Canada being empty and the need to fill it up but in reality people just seem to gravitate to the larger population areas.

My question is why didn’t the Liberal float this idea to the Canadian public and ask for input? Why hasn’t the Canadian Government done anything to lay the groundwork so that Canada can accommodate this number of new people? It seems to me that the Liberals are just sitting on their hands as usual and not getting out in front of this policy. Trudeau as usual leads from behind.

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