CSIS Leaks In The Canadian Election Interference Scandal.

It has been interesting to see Canada’s Prime Minister Trudeau go from almost total denial that any Chinese interference happened. To hiding behind accusations racism, to bullying of naysayers. To now trying to talk past question in the house, and from reporters. To now appointing this Reporteur. What ever that is? Trudeau is trying to manage this fiasco so that either Canadians tire of it, or if they don’t, he can sit in judgement of himself and control the narrative.

The problem is that the accusations have been so damming, and that information continues to be leaked from not just Canadian Intelligence Services (CSIS) but from others. It has become painfully obvious that many in the Western Intelligence Community and especially in the 5 Eyes have become fed up with Trudeau’s acceptance of China’s under the table assistance, his turning a blind eye, and his lack of actions.

CSIS briefed Trudeau again and again concerning issues with China gaming Canada’s democracy and sovereignty only to have these protestations fall on deaf ears.

CSIS specifically warned Trudeau not to let Han Dong run for a Liberal seat in Parliament, and told Trudeau that Dong had been compromised by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). Trudeau did nothing, let him run, and then when the issue came to light, he accused questioners of racism. Dong sits in on Liberal Government Caucuses and is now privy to Canadian Government policy.

CSIS also has recordings of the Chinese Consulate General in Vancouver bragging about defeating 2 Conservative Members of Parliament. Yet no action was taken.

CSIS also informed Trudeau about China’s intimidation of the Chinese Canadian community and that Consulate and Embassy staff had gone on to Canadian University Campuses to intimidate students.

Trudeau also was aware of CCP money being illegally funneled to Liberal candidates. The Trudeau foundation also accepted funds from friends of China.

I am amazed that most Canadians are not screaming for Trudeau’s head. Why aren’t Canadians more angry? This is their democracy, their country that they should guard jealously.

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