CBC Bonuses

The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) has been receiving government aid from the Liberal government of Canada. They just gave out $6 million dollars in bonuses. I am shocked that a company that is loosing money would give any bonuses. Is this really a payoff by the Liberal’s to get favorable coverage from CBC? I note that CBC’s coverage of the Chinese election interference scandal has been “soft” and far from hard hitting. I watched the CBC National News and a number of analysis panels. The story that was portrayed was that the Interference really was not of too much concern. The actual outcome of the election was not compromised so some smoke, but no fire.

What bothered me is that they made no mention of many of the disturbing facts that transpired.

  • Chinese funneling money to Liberal candidates
  • Election funding fraud (money kicked back to donors)
  • Intimidation of Chinese Canadians
  • Defeat of targeted Conservative MP’s
  • China’s Consulate General in Vancouver bragging about defeating Conservative Candidates
  • CSIS warning the Liberal Government about Han Dong being a Chinese Government Stooge and still running him as a candidate
  • How a far has China infiltrated the Government of Canada?
  • Liberal policies have certainly favored China on occasion and certainly have not targeted China for its bad behavior, why?

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